New CD and other thoughts

Kelly’s worship band, The Wired Band, released their first album a few weeks ago. It’s pretty amazing. I think the sound is really distinctive and progressive. Check it out at their website,

As I watch Kelly’s journey with this album, I am truly astounded by her fearlessness. She attacks life with a ferocity comparable to a lion. She is one of those people that makes life happen.

Fear is a funny thing. It is universal, yet not everyone shares the same fear. We all fear something, even if it is fear itself.

God doesn’t want us to be afraid. He wants us to have power, love and self-control, but not fear. Fear paralyzes, fear hinders, fear prevents.

Power emboldens and strengthens.

Love motivates and encourages.

Self-control stabilizes and secures.

Don’t let fear trick you into missing out.

Ever been too afraid to do something?


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