How Baseball Will Save The World

Revelation comes to life through the random convergence of unrelated events. Take Einstein for example. Here’s a guy, wrestling with the theories that will re-write humanity’s understanding of the universe, and he looks out of the window of a train, figures out the problem, and changes reality.

Here’s two that happened to me.

At General Council last month, missionary Dick Brogden preached an incredibly compelling message about Christianity’s approach to its only real rival for the souls of this world, Islam. Brogden said that, “Islam will not be fought with guns or intellect. Islam will be loved to death.”

After that, I got back to Ft. JenkTank and engaged in one fo my favorite summer rituals, watching the Little League Word Series. After watching one of the international matches, I came to this realization: baseball, my friends, will save the world. There I was, a white American Evenagelical Christian, watching little Muslim boys from Saudi Arabia play baseball. They even won a game!

I thought to myself, “That’s how the Church can win, that’s how we change the world.” Not by being weird, not by being elitist or self-righteous, but by the radical approach of being normal. What’s more normal than kids playing ball on a summer afternoon, laughing and running around together? Won’t my story in Christ have more impact to the people I go to the gym with, than with the people I yell at on a street corner? Will my everday life demonstrate Jesus to my Sikh or Muslim neighbors more effectively than the “rightness” of my theology?

How about instead of debating the infidels and bringing them into submission to God’s Law, I just invite them to play baseball?


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